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Gerep celebrates his 25 Years

Posted on 14 April 2014

"A birthday is a perfect time to enjoy the path. You must believe in the future when you are 25 years old. Because this is the age when everything is possible: 25 years, we still have the enthusiasm of youth and already acquired experience.

What is true for a human being is even more in the corporate world, where time tends to accelerate. 


  • In 1989, your mobile phones weighed several pounds. You’d time to take three coffees before your computer turns on. ... 25 years later, you’re watching a movie on your tablet and especially you check your medical expenses on your phone. 
  • In 1989, having a complementary health was a little luxury that some large companies gave to their Managers. Today, it has become so essential that it will soon be mandatory for all.
  • In 1989, broker job was being a good technical seller. Now we follow the trend Marvel and we became super lawyers, super experts, and we have a true obligation of advice to you. 

The world has changed. Gerep grew up while remaining a company with a strong DNA, its values, its independent shareholding, its human size and especially the nature of his relationship with you.

This culture of loyalty and long term relationships have allowed us to take an international scale, through our network “Asinta” to follow you in your development. Take the technological change become essential to offer you the most competitive services. 

Our expertise has also expanded in consulting individual wealth management in the deployment of compensation strategies for involving employees in the performance of the company and also in the mastery and reducing payroll taxes.

Our organization now includes a technical service, legal service and actuarial monitoring to follow you every day in this flow of information. A communication and marketing service to offer you the most modern tools every time; without forgetting a management service integrated with a strong quality of service and a close working

So now, in addition to having you as a customer, we are delighted to have you as followers and as tweetos ... 

All this gives us a different vision. The vision of a true expert of social protection, which does just that, and who does it well, with technical, innovation and above all with passion. The vision of a broker who has nurtured a longterm relationship with you, our customers of all sizes and all cultures, which we offer in principle the same quality of service.

It is through our expertise and the work of our teams that we always anticipated and adapt. 

Our goal is to assist you in the development of HR issues within your companies. In a word, integrate creative destruction. We’ve already thought about it and we have few points of thinking:

For example:

  • Arbitrate between guarantees to lead them towards new priorities related to changing needs and behaviors. 
  • We are considering how to support an aging employee population to manage them a longer and healthy duration of activity.
  • New methods of managing absenteeism: monetize on the savings rather compensate 3 days deficiency illness.
  • Follow-up your employees to finance their retired mutuality. 
  • Propose individual sur-complementary pension and healthcare costs but developed with you and mastered by you. 
  • At least, use big data to provide the information necessary to deploy custom tailored prevention policies. 

You'll understand that we invest today in our growth in the future to offer new added values in the domain of health capital and rely on technologies to invest in connected healthcare. 

When complementary social protection and business intermediation are subject to regulatory changes as threatening as precipitated, I keep confidence in Gerep’s future.

We celebrate our 25th anniversary because of you and I would like to thank you warmly. Our daily engine is the pleasure that we have to work with you. I know that we share. While there is the pleasure we will continue to exist and I look upon you all to celebrate our upcoming birthdays.

I also would like to thank my partners and our entire Gerep team, which strongly contributed to the richness of our exchanges. 

Finally, to conclude, a small quote by Woddy Allen: 

"The future is the only thing that interests me because I intend to spend my next few years on it" "

Gerep celebrates his 25 Years