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Asinta’s 2013 employee benefits survey of global employers

Posted on 25 March 2014

GEREP, with his network Asinta, realized global survey to one hundred international companies, which 10% are French. This survey consolidates results in terms of stakes and perspectives for Human Resources managers and in employee benefits, regarding with the economic context, evolution of technology and development strategy of theirs companies.

Asinta’s 2013 employee benefits survey of global employers

2013 has been a busy year for managers in employee benefits program.

After a brutal worldwide recession, perspectives of growth are coming back for most of them, contributing to new challenges. The data of this year show a positive trend generalized and economic climate in improvement, most of geographic areas going out of recession.

So, at worldwide level, the survey confirms back of growth: the climate in companies requested is at development by recruitment of new talents, investing on new data systems and purchase.

At level of Human Resources, this is expressed by a need more important in information sharing and backing of specialized consulting and benchmarks about specificities of employee benefits owned to each country where companies are established or plan to be located.

GEREP, exclusive partner of Asinta for France, is at your entirely disposal to go with you and help you thanks our expertise and know-how in all your questions and needs linked to your employees benefits in the world, with complete expertise in welfare benefits area:

  • Actuarial
  • Legal
  • Social communication
  • Program management
  • International strategies

International network Asinta is present in 78 countries and group nearly 20.000 companies as client all around the world.

We wish you a very interesting and pleasant reading, 

Stéphanie Vaquier – International Consultant

Damien Vieillard- Baron